The following external operating experience discusses an arc flash event that resulted in burn injuries. Electricians deviated from the standard safe work practices ro performing a zero voltage check by not performing the last live check and did not use their voltmeter correctly. They were disconnecting the energized line side cables on a circuit breaker when the arc flash occurred.

The following external operating experience discusses a worker fatality from an arc flash event. A vendor electrician was not wearing required PPE when he pulled fuses in a 480-volt distribution panel under load to work on an air compressor.

The following Power Point shows the results of an arc flash event at a South Carolina Electric & Gas facility in which the worker's life was saved by his 40 Cal/cm2 arc flash suit.

The following event occurred at a coal-fired power plant and resulted in a near miss to injury.
A root-cause analysis and investigation is ongoing. Updated information will be added when available.